Aluminium Planters

Why choose aluminium planters?

Aluminium is a material that is popular for its design and minimalist appearance, as well as for its mechanical qualities and resistance in outdoor environments.

It is the material of the moment in outdoor design! Aluminium planters add volume to the garden. Available in many shapes and sizes, they offer great design freedom in terms of both shape and colour. Thus, they can add character to all garden styles: Japanese, contemporary, Nordic or industrial…

We offer aluminium planters in rectangular, square, conical and even pyramid shapes! We also have the ability to supply custom-made planters for specific projects. The same goes for the colour, which can be chosen with your colour code to create a harmonious exterior.

The advantages of aluminium

Aluminium is a material that performs well in many respects:

  • Lightness : the density of aluminium is very low, so aluminium planters are very light and therefore easy to transport. This is ideal for moving the planters easily if you want to rearrange your garden or simply wash under the planters.
  • Unalterable : Aluminium creates an oxide layer that protects it from corrosion, and therefore from moisture and other external attacks. In addition, the oxide layer makes the aluminium watertight and unalterable. Opting for aluminium tubs is therefore a durable and long-lasting solution.
  • Design : The clean, minimalist shapes of aluminium are the number one success factor for this material. Aluminium tubs can be used for both modern and traditional exteriors.
aluminium planters

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ARTEPOT designs and produces flower planters in 3 innovative materials: Fibreglass, Aluminium and Corten Steel. Our engineers and designers work together to develop stylish, durable and high-performance planters for outdoor design professionals.


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