Corten Steel Planters


What is Corten Steel?

Corten steel is an innovative material that has been making its way into outdoor design for a number of years thanks to its vintage look, which is in keeping with the industrial style decoration movement.

Its main specificity is that it is a living material that changes its appearance in contact with its environment. Steel is basically raw and unoxidised, grey in colour. In contact with its environment (humidity, sun and bad weather), a patina with a rusty appearance will appear on its entire surface.

To accelerate the oxidation process, which can take several months, salt water can be sprayed on the steel. The alternation of humidity and drying will accelerate the process. For an even faster result, hydrochloric acid can also be applied.

The advantages of Corten steel

Corten steel is an innovative material with many advantages:

  • Easy to maintain : Corten steel does not require any particular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Indeed, if an area is damaged, scratched or receives a blow, a layer of oxidation will take over and hide the damage.
  • Strength and robustness : its structural strength is twice as high as that of conventional steels. Its corrosion and tensile strength is up to 8 times greater than other steels.
  • Vintage look : its style fits in with all types of environments, whether contemporary or more traditional. Its style is in line with the “industrial style” movement which has been growing in popularity for several years.

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ARTEPOT designs and produces flower planters in 3 innovative materials: Fibreglass and Corten Steel. Our engineers and designers work together to develop stylish, durable and high-performance planters for outdoor design professionals.


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