Fiberglass Planters

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a composite material that combines a fiberglass planter structure with a polyesther resin overlay to harden the fibres and strengthen the planter.

Fiberglass planters are coated with an insulator on the inside to better resist temperature differences.

It is a high performance material that is used in the manufacture of boat hulls and motorbike helmets. It is now increasingly used in exterior design for its contemporary appearance and mechanical qualities.

The advantages of fiberglass

Fiberglass is an innovative material with many advantages:

  • Its lightness : fiberglass offers one of the best strength to weight ratios. Thus, the handling and mobility of fiberglass flower boxes is simplified.
  • Resistance : this material is perfectly resistant to frost (down to -20 degrees) and high temperatures without deforming or damaging. The paint is also perfectly resistant to UV rays, without changing colour.
  • Watertightness : these containers are perfectly watertight, and water can be drained off using a drain pipe to ensure the perfect health of your plants and flowers.
  • Versatility : fiberglass gives you the freedom to create many different shapes, colours and sizes of planters. We offer these planters in 4 colours: Anthracite Grey, Beige Grey, Black and White.

Suivez nous !

ARTEPOT designs and produces flower planters in 3 innovative materials: Fibreglass and Corten Steel. Our engineers and designers work together to develop stylish, durable and high-performance planters for outdoor design professionals.


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