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Our job is to imagine and create planters to enhance your outdoor spaces. Incidentally, here at ARTEPOT, creatives and engineers work together to propose you stylish, sustainable, state-of-the-art planters. Individuals, professionals and communities all say our creations are perfect for expressing their green desires freely.

bac à fleurs couleur

A passion for design …

Sleek lines, natural or vibrant colours, premium materials… Our planter models are totally in tune with our vision of garden design: forever embellish, never spoil.

Our practical, elegant, useful, sturdy garden pots are the fruit of design connoisseurs’ imagination and our engineering team’s reflection.

The magic of mixing and matching...

Our collections, also used by landscapers in their Garden Staging projects, are combined to create totally one-of-a-kind green spaces. A variety of curves and angles, heights and widths come into play to suit your mood and wishes so that your garden is like no other.

… and love for gardens.

ARTEPOT’s much more than just a planter brand, it’s one of the concepts developed by FORESTIA to embellish terraces and gardens. Our Group is recognized for its expertise in creating sustainable, luxury outdoor decorative products. And, we don’t just create items for gardens, we breathe life into our passion and share it with our customers.

Much more than a brand, true values

Like the other brands of the Forestia Group, ARTEPOT proposes products which blend style and quality with the best prices. Our different collections feature planters made from Fibreglass or Corten steel… and our raw materials sourced from European production. Journeys limited to the essential, a choice of sustainable materials, after-sales staff… We do everything possible to reduce our environmental footprint and promote production closest to home…

ARTEPOT collections

• 2 innovative materials
• Over 1,000 regular customers
• For professionals, distributors and communities…


Very high resistance

To frost, fire, shocks, UV rays and loads.

A very light material

The strength-to-weight ratio of fibreglass is one of the best on the market

Contemporary design

Our fibreglass planters add a state-of-the-art, sleek touch to any environment.

Our EOS, GAIA and HELIOS planters are unique as they are handcrafted. Our fibreglass planters provide incomparable resistance to frost and UV rays. Available in several natural colours depending on the collections, they set off any contemporary-style house or classically-designed dwelling perfectly. Thanks to their excellent strength-to-weight ratio, ARTEPOT fibreglass planters can be moved around easily to suit your mood and wishes.



Over time Corten steel's natural resistance is enhanced thanks to its self-protecting layer of rust.

A living material

Corten steel planters will oxidize and take on a rusty colour in contact with their environment

A natural raw effect

The Corten steel rust effect is highly fashionable for decorative outdoor elements.

KEA, IVAO and TAAL, our Corten steel planter collections delight with their elegant vintage style. They add an earthy hue to your landscape design and can be used perfectly well for any type of plant. ARTEPOT corrosion- and tensile force-resistant planters are available in square, round and rectangular shapes, proposed with or without feet…

Your wishes inspire our creations

Where do we get our ideas from ? First of all, it’s important to know that creating a new fibreglass or Corten steel planter requires a lot of work. Thanks to our conversations with you, our customers, we’re able to define the stylistic and quality criteria you believe are essential.

A new collection of ARTEPOT planters is therefore the fruit of our exchanges. Then, it’s up to us to make your wishes come true. To do so, we draw up detailed specifications which reiterate your demands as well as ours. Then, it’s time for the actual design in our design office. Drawings and calculations come from all directions until we create a prototype which we make in our workshop. And, when the trial’s successful ? A new model or new collection is born.

Aiming for Quality

To ensure you are totally satisfied, we have initiated processes and material choices intended to ensure optimal levels of quality for all ARTEPOT creations. From the technical properties of the materials to their density, from processes for strengthening corners to special coating treatment… every single element included in manufacturing our planters is meticulously studied.

Result: ARTEPOT planters are :

• Ultra-resistant to frost and UV rays
• Scratch-resistant
• Sturdy
• Stables
• Non-deformable
• Light

And, this is why ARTEPOT pots and planters are also used in public spaces. Their resistance and colour stability make them elegant, sustainable, sturdy, contemporary-looking outdoor design features.


2002, creation

Their resistance and colour stability make them elegant, sustainable, sturdy, contemporary-looking outdoor design features.

A family-run business above all

The family-run business, established in the North of France, quickly made a name for itself. By forging close ties with its customers, it has become renowned for its sound advice and pioneering products.The team, made up of engineers with a passion for outdoor design products, is recognized for its professionalism. Thanks to its mix of highly-experienced talents and young dynamic staff, the brand has forged the perfect blend for creating innovative, sturdy, contemporary-styled product lines. In addition to design, quality is more than ever a top priority.

Choosing ARTEPOT means choosing a supplier that’s close to its customers. Moreover, we’re always on hand to offer you our business expertise and help you complete your projects successfully using our products.

2015, focus on luxury garden design

Wood gives way to composite materials. Fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin is retained as the perfect material for launching an initial planter range. ARTEPOT fibreglass planters, which shouldn’t be mistaken for fibrestone or rotomoulded planters, are as resistant as motorbike helmets and ship hulls. The first moulds were rolled out end 2015.

Development continued the following year with the fine-tuning of a metal range, more precisely premium planters made from Corten steel. Our planters are now proposed in 2 materials, fibreglass and Corten steel.

2020, the ARTEPOT brand is launched

ARTEPOT, creator of luxury planter collections, is showcased on a new website totally dedicated to the brand and its offers. The Corten steel and fibreglass planters are all detailed here. The site also provides a host of advice for successfully creating green spaces and for looking after your planters.

To go further

ARTEPOT is now firmly established as the reference for green space and floral composition design in pots and planters. Over the last few years, our products have won over a wide audience of individuals, professionals and communities. Our collections, originally acclaimed by landscapers, are now also incredibly popular with leading construction firms and distributors.

Do you need some advice on creating harmonious planter décor ? Get in touch with our experts and take advantage of their sound advice. Whether you need advice on choosing your planter or for looking after it, they’ll be delighted to guide you and help you make your outdoor design project come true.

Bacs à fleurs en aluminium

Our team comprises landscaping and outdoor design experts but, above all, people with a passion for indoor and outdoor space design.

Production quality

Responsive customer service

Efficient logistics

Suivez nous !

ARTEPOT designs and produces flower planters in 3 innovative materials: Fibreglass and Corten Steel. Our engineers and designers work together to develop stylish, durable and high-performance planters for outdoor design professionals.


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